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Through out the world Cultures have folk lore about magical projectile weapons. arrows, bolts, darts, bullets, the list goes on and on. In Scandinavian folk magic the magical projectile was known as trollshot, in the amazon jungle it was known as a virote, in Appalachia and the Ozarks a witch ball. The magical Projectile is a curse as well as an apotropaic charm of protection from the trollshot of others, and the poison that others may send to you. Each time the trollshot catches another it itself become more dangerous and vicious if and when used in an attack. This is not a traditional Scandinavian trollcross used in trolldom, but it is inspired by it and the many other magical projectiles worked with around the world. This dart was hand forged from iron and quenched with the hexing herb belladonna, but other poisons and hexing herbs will be available. The troll shot can be worn around ones neck on a leather strap or chain. The use of the trollshot offensively is left to the knowledge of the buyer, we will not teach you how to use them. If you wish to learn more however on the subject of magical projectiles a recorded class is available on our fb page contact us for details.